Our company was established in 2003. Our aim is to export vegetables and fruit of the highest standard, clean, without pesticide residue and compliant with Swiss and EU regulations to make sure that our customer gets the best possible quality.

To ensure that our production is compliant with all regulations, we moved our factory plant to a new location at Pathumthani in 2013. At this new factory we can make sure that all our process steps follow rigorous controls and comply with the standard and regulation of HACCP and GMP.

Export Fresh Vegetables & Fruits compliant EU Quality


We continuously improve the quality and freshness of our fruit and vegetables.

We provide ongoing training to our staff in the factory and also to our contractors at the farm to ensure that everybody in the supply chain understands the importance of our standards. We use kit tests at the factory, clean facilities and packing. Additionally we use cooling trucks for the transport to the airport.

Our values must be reflected throughout the supply chain and therefore our process starts with finding suitable contractor farms. All our partner farms must be GAP certified and have the long term vision to walk together with us in this business. We visit our partner farms every week to work with them about the regulation and help them about knowledge of vegetables and pesticide as well as ensuring the availability and follow through of production and spraying plans.

1. We are very strict in regards to quality control and compliance to EU regulation.
2. We take samplings from all our supply farms. If it does not pass our standard, we will reject the goods to the farm immediately.
3. We have an analysis plan to take at least monthly samplings to test at the external and independent laboratory.

Our goal is to provide a high standard of service to our customers and to make our customers confident in our products and service. To realize this goal, we have local staff to service our customers in the country of origin.